Interviews with developers Action Mobile Games - creator of 2013: Infected Wars

Interviews with developers Action Mobile Games - creator of 2013: Infected Wars

2013: Infected Wars every day is getting closer and closer to the release of the App Store. We exclusively has published preview of the game, its history, how it all began and why the main character in the inferno. And now, we have entered is already in the rule, we disclose an interview with the developers of Action Mobile Games, who are trying to do their best to make the game we liked. In this exclusive interview with Action Mobile Games, we learn about the game much more than we did before.

John Singer ( Hello, First question I wanted to ask! Why the history of the game begins with Russia and Chechnya, and then another al-Qaeda?

Action Mobile Games: Well I wanted to create a story that was based somewhat from historical events to make it more believable. I couldn’t think of a world power that was more capable of creating a powerful virus than the Russian military.

John Singer ( Tell us about the single player mode, which waits for the player and how many hours it will play from start to finish? 

Action Mobile Games: It’s hard to say exactly how long the single player campaign will take because it depends on the difficulty of the game the player is on and how much time they want to take but I think a fair estimate is around 4 hours if they are able to not die and are on normal difficulty. If they are a new player it’s going to be many times that number as there are difficult encounters they must defeat and they will need to replay the levels to learn how to defeat these situations.

John Singer ( As for the zombies, they are similar to each other or do they have any differences? 

Action Mobile Games: The flesh eaters are all the same but the other creatures in game such as the Caretaker and Lazyeye will all have unique AI and strategies to defeat them.

John Singer ( Tell us about the mode of Co-op, which is waiting for the players in this mode?

Action Mobile Games: Co-Op is going to be pretty amazing for the mobile market. Never before on mobile devices will players have the ability to crawl through levels populated with huge numbers of enemies all with unique AI, abilities, and behavior. All with their friends beside them trying to defeat challenging levels!

John Singer ( 2013: Infected Wars - this is the first episode, subsequent episodes will be a continuation or ...? How many episodes will be?

Action Mobile Games: Yes this is the first episode, future episodes will be offered as a purchase in game as DLC and will include new maps with new creatures to defeat as well as old favorites. New environments to explore etc. One idea we had is actually of having the second episode take place somewhere in Russia after the virus is spread across the world.

John Singer ( Are you planning a new update to add new weapons, zombies, and other dangerous creatures?

Action Mobile Games: Yes, this will come in the form of new episodes which will behave in much the same way as expansions for games and MMOs.

John Singer ( For whom the player will play? Will have several characters to choose?

Action Mobile Games: The player will choose their class and have the ability to change classes in game but it won’t take effect until a new map loads. So you can level up any of the classes you want such as the Marine who is a medium range automatic rifle specialist or the field support specialist who is really good with shotguns and other short range weapons.

John Singer ( Tell us about the maps in the game, what are they and what player is there to expect?

Action Mobile Games: A great deal of time and resources has been spent on our environments. I believe there has not been a mobile game created with the depth of detail and variety that our environments provide. Players will explore metropolitan areas such as subways, parks, downtown city streets, malls converted to quarantined areas, and more!

John Singer ( When do you plan to send 2013: Infected Wars in iTunes and how much will it cost?

Action Mobile Games: A date has not been set yet. We hope to be featured as game of the week by Apple and this could impact our approval process. However as an estimate we are looking at probably another 2 months before players can purchase the game. We also have not set a price yet but it will be comparable with other AAA titles released for mobile such as Infinity Blade 2 and Modern Combat 3.

John Singer ( Thank you for your time, what can you say to your fans and the last site users

Action Mobile Games: Thank you for your continued support! We appreciate the interest and feedback from the community and look forward to providing a game that you want to spend many hours playing with your friends.