Interview to developers of Vivid Games - Real Boxing

Today you will quite informative interview, even more interesting to the previous ones. As soon as we learned about the soon coming game Real Boxing developed by the company Vivid Games, we decided to take an interview with them, we certainly do not deny. We made our questions and sent them to the company. After that, we were waiting for the answers of the order of a few weeks, as we said Valentina our questions provoked debate within the company, which actually and has delayed responses. In the end, after another week, we finally received answers to our questions. So read the interview and learn about the game very much, our questions were answered Remigiusz Koscielny - General Director of Vivid Games, for which special thank you to him!

John Singer (
What other features of Real Boxing do you think will appeal to players, apart from the high quality graphics?

Remigiusz Koscielny (Vivid Games): The gameplay is our strength. Our main goal for Real Boxing is to marry the best possible graphics with a highly-playable game for iOS devices. On top of the visual impact, Real Boxing has an intuitive control system - optimized for touch screens - and a wide variety of features such as the extensive career mode, the rich character customization, very interesting multiplayer options, and much more!

John Singer ( Is your game different from EA's Boxing Fight Night Champion? What are the gameplay differences?

Remigiusz Koscielny (Vivid Games): Real Boxing has only even been built with mobile and tablet in mind. Fight Night Champion for iOS is a great title, but it requires players to use both the tilt movement and the slide gesture at the same time, which is difficult and counter-intuitive. Real Boxing, when it comes to the relative movement of the fighters, works differently and the camera is automatically rotates with them. The other easy to spot difference is the visual quality, which is absolutely stunning in Real Boxing. There is much richer textures, and you can see the blood and sweat flying through the air as well as characters faces really showing punishment. Finally, we offer a wider variety of game modes than any other boxing game on iOS. Real Boxing will have quick fight mode, a career mode, a training mode, multiplayer fights and many more features to add value and longevity to the game.

John Singer ( Are there famous boxers's character in Real Boxing? Such as the Klitschko brothers or live Boxing legend Muhammad Ali?

Remigiusz Koscielny (Vivid Games): We wanted to have artistic freedom in designing the game experience, therefore we decided to work on our original characters. We used real boxers during the motion capture sessions so the movement and animations are very realistic and natural, but our graphic artist created completely new characters. Working with famous people can often be restrictive as they usually want some control over their image and this adds a lot of complexity to the process. Because of the relatively short time for development we simply wouldn’t have had time to deal with all the legal issues, not to mention the impact on the production budget.

John Singer ( Will players be able to modify and customize their character's appearances, for example in order to resemble their own?

Remigiusz Koscielny (Vivid Games): There will be eight original characters with different combat styles to choose from, and a huge pool of different elements to customize their appearance, such as hair, including facial hair. Gamers will also be able to select different boxing outfits such as boots, shorts, and gloves in a variety of colors and styles. The characters can also be tattooed on their chest, shoulders and arms. This means hundreds of combinations to play with, and we're planning to add more characters and items in the first updates after the launch.

John Singer ( Will your game support multiplayer mode?

Remigiusz Koscielny (Vivid Games): Yes, there is going to be a multiplayer mode, but we want to keep the details secret for now. We’re testing some amazing features ands we’ll tell fans more as soon as we’re able. We’ll publish more details on as soon as available.

John Singer ( What's the gameplay like in single mode?

Remigiusz Koscielny (Vivid Games): The fighters movements are controlled by a smart algorithm which makes them travel across the ring automatically. This keeps the gameplay vivid, but still playable at the same time. Players have to perform simple taps and slides on the screen to attack their opponent and they can use separate buttons to trigger blocks or dodge to defend. The timing is crucial, and learning tricky combinations isn't necessary in Real Boxing. However, the game offers a deep and satisfactory fighting system from the moment players understand simple dependencies between stamina, health and successful hits: actions taken on the ring won't always guarantee the ultimate success. Fighters also need to train their speed, stamina and strength in the gym, where each point can be boosted through winning mini-games such as the skipping rope or doing back exercises. Players can also upgrade their attributes with the cash earned during previous matche